Find Furnace Repair & Heating Services in Schenectady, NY

Find Furnace Repair & Heating Services in Schenectady, NY

ECS Heating and Cooling will get your heater working again

As the temperatures start to drop, you expect the heater in your home or office to keep your comfortable. When your system only blows cool air instead of warm air, contact a reliable HVAC contractor to repair the problem right away.

ECS Heating and Cooling, LLC offers heating services in the Schenectady, NY area. We repair all types of electric, natural gas, propane and oil systems. You can trust us to make sure your home or office is always warm during winter.

Call 518-332-1468 today for furnace repairs in Schenectady, NY or the surrounding area.

We repair and replace all types of heating systems

There are times an older system can’t be repaired. It may be more cost-efficient to replace the unit entirely. A skilled technician from ECS Heating and Cooling will inspect your unit and determine the best solution for you.

We also take care of:

  • Thermostat installations and repairs
  • Heat pump repairs
  • Radiant floor heat repairs
  • Gas boiler and radiator repairs
  • Gas furnace repairs
  • Electric furnace repairs
  • Oil furnace repairs
  • Oil boiler and radiator heat repairs
  • Tank and tankless water heater installations

Talk to us about the energy-efficient unit that will work best for your home or office. Contact ECS Heating and Cooling today for heating services in Schenectady, NY.